Wynter Frost


The End ?

People have many and many more ,

But I prefer to have just one true one.

I thought it would last all forever ,

Coz’ I knew I gave you all of me.

But Oh look , all the days are changing bitter ,

Wasn’t all of me enough to satisfy you ?

I did try harder to make this all not over ,

Harder and harder till the very end.

I guess nothing could compensate ,

Coz’ regardless all I did , I lost the war.

I just needed someone to understand me ,

But my feelings are taken for granted all way.

Now I stay heart broken down in the dumps ,

All alone I grieve here sitting all night.

The darkness engulfs me more day by day ,

Sad that there’s no more anyone around me.

I gave it everything and it cost me my everything ,

There’s no more hope anywhere now.

I guess I was meant to be this way.



A change can awaken the demon in you.
A change can gather the goodness in you.
A change can alter the life we live.
A change can pave the path you deserve.
A change can reverse everything around.
A change can create new dreams.
A change can drag you into a hollow hole.
A change can call a new world for you.
A change can destruct all your relations.
A change can connect a million hearts.
But sometimes..
A change can also change you forever.


He said if it comes to be true.. Maybe you’re gonna be the one who will save me..

I said .. “ It’s never gonna be true until I’m with you.

♛ COZ’ ♛


Please do something ,
Coz’ my joy is ageing.
But how should I tell you ? ,
Coz’ it would still continue.
There’s nothing we can do ,
Coz’ I’m stuck here like glue.
My world’s so calm and cold ,
Coz’ there’s no one to hold.
Everything is deep and blue ,
Coz’ .. Oh so fast I grew.
I can’t tell why the grounds are wet ,
Coz’ people think it’s just sweat.
But none can reach me by any trick ,
Coz’ I’m surrounded by the pacific.
This ride is so very treacherous ,
Coz’ nothing here is humorous.
I have no walls for this high-tide ,
Coz’ I no more take any pride.
My dreams are now all void ,
Coz’ everything I now avoid.
It’s been long ago that I enjoyed ,
Coz’ now there is no meteoroid.
How can they be too blind ? ,
Coz’ I’m one of my own kind.
The horizon is dark and it’s freezing ,
Coz’ here the Sun isn’t rising.
My memories of that day are vivid ,
Coz’ my passion for it is still arid.
My soul seems to be ethereal ,
Coz’ at least from inside I’m not unreal.
But there’s gonna be no more dark ,
Coz’ I know I have the spark.
I would no more be helpless ,
Coz’ then I would be flawless.
People would then know at that moment ,
Coz’ everyone are different.


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Maybe it happened ONCE..
I fell in love when you spoke in your silvery fruity voice.
Oh.. To my heart , it was a rejoice.
You’re voice was more alluring than a nightingale.
It was just a casual hello.
But how I fell for you , you’ll never know.

Maybe it happened TWICE..
I fell in love with the way you brushed your perfectly spiky brunette hair .
So I followed you everywhere..
Just to see it again and again.
No one ever noticed you like me..
Coz’ you were as pleasant and beautiful as a sea.

Maybe It happened THRICE..
I fell in love with the way you looked at me with your dreamy eyes.
God …! Each time you did that.. my heart melted like an ice.
Coz’ Oh so beautiful and blissful they were.
You’re my shooting star in the sky.
Coz’ you take my heart up soo high.

It happened before and it will happen..
Oh yes.. again and again.. It will happen.


So , I told myself..

           That it’s okay to be the only LIGHT 🌝 in the DARKNESS 🌚..

But never be the DARKNESS 🌚 to a little LIGHT 🌝.


Only YOU can fill this PENUMBRA of mine..

 Coz’ You’re my only PANACEA .


You don’t know..

    But If we CONFLATEWe could make an amazing ELIXIR of LOVE.


Don’t be wretched when you think I care for others so much sometimes ....

For It may be EPHEMERAL ..

But my Love for You is..


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